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A documentary by Tal Rotem

In the completed reality of Israel and Palestine, as if under the radar, there is a thriving nightlife scene of Arabic music.

As in a sort of Utopia, Jews and Arabs come together, dance through the night and create a community that demonstrate what many Israelis and Palestinians forgot was even an option – coexistence.


The road to this Utopia, however, is a rocky one. Arabic music is regarded as inferior In Israel, as the music of the enemy. Many Israelis who like it, face criticism from their families and friends.
The center of the Arabic music scene is a small bar in old Jaffa called Ana Loulou, co-owned by Jews and Arabs, but complaints by the neighbors and the fact that Palestinians from the west bank who want to get there have to break the law and cross checkpoints, make even this tiny neon haven questionable. The crowd turns to parties in Ramallah, where Arabic music is publicly legitimate, but getting there is not easy nor legal for Israelis.


Starting with crossing physical and mental borders and ending in criticism from their communities – most Arabic music party fans have to take risks and sometimes pay heavy prices. "Yalla" follows a number of characters and documents their hardships and successes of each of them in their way to the party – to freedom.



Release year 2019
Runtime 90 min

Aspect ratio 16:9

Screening format DCP

Sound Seround 5.1

Color Color

Stage of production Shooting


Director Tal Rotem
Producers Udi Nir, Sagi Bornstein

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