Seven young YouTubers from across the world were uploading shiny videos with their exciting plans for 2020 when"virus" started trending online. Over a year's worth of real-time posts and massive reality checks chart their innocent optimism and surprising resilience to a global change no one saw coming.

Composed entirely of videos uploaded to YouTube over the course of 2020, VIRAL tells the story of a rapidly changing world, through the eyes of 7 YouTubers in their early 20’s. Each of the YouTubers has a long cherished dream they plan to accomplish, but as the year unfolds the world around them starts to change dramatically: news of a novel virus emerges, Black Lives Matter Protests take to the streets, the USA elects a new president, and an economic crisis is looming on the horizon. As our protagonists try to find their way in this increasingly unforeseeable future, they turn to Social Media as a way to overcome conflicts and obstacles: from long distance relationships, to job loss and financial hardships, to political awakenings. We follow them on a rollercoaster ride as they set out to find their voice, and their audience. With a mobile phone in hand and a laptop at arm’s reach they use Social Media to share their everyday life, to comment on world events, and to reflect on the digital sphere they inhabit. While social media is a source of inspiration, self-expression, and innovation, it is also an addictive and divisive sphere that they gradually start to question. It is in this climate of upheaval, between the digital and the real world that VIRAL paints a portrait of a generation growing up in the midst of an unprecedented global crisis.




Directors Udi Nir, Sagi Bornstein
Producers Christian Beetz, Georg Tschurtschenthaler, Udi Nir, Sagi Bornstein

Creative producer Anne Von Petersdorff


Copro 2020, Israel

Sunny Side of the Doc 2020, France


Israel / Germany

Release year 2021
Runtime 88 min / 3x35 series

Aspect ratio 16:9

Screening format DCP

Sound Seround 5.1

Color Color

© 2017 udiVsagi productiom

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udiVsagi production is a Tel-Aviv-Jaffa based documentary film production company, run by filmmaker duo Udi Nir and Sagi Bornstein. Their work includes GOLDA (2019), #uploading_holocaust (2016), and Kafka's Last Story (2011).