Natural Right

A seventy-year-old debate

Seventy years after Israel was established, the grandchildren of the people who signed the declaration of independence return to the hall in which this canonic document was signed in Tel Aviv.

Who are the grandchildren of the thirty-seven people who founded the state? What do they think of it today? Do they identify with the values their grandparents drew up?

From the grandson of Bechor Shalom Shitrit who says that Israel suffers from too much democracy, to the granddaughter of Avraham Katzenelson who claims Israel became a dark and racist apartheid state. These days, just like seventy years ago, thirty-seven Israeli Jews find it difficult to agree on one right path.

Maybe because of their family heritage, it turns out that the grandchildren do not hesitate to speak-out and break the biggest myths and taboos of the Israeli ethos, in the same hall in which their grandparents started a revolution in the Middle East.


In a time when civil liberties and freedom of speech are under controversy in Israel, the declaration of independence is interpreted and used by all sides of the debate. Some would like to make it a constitution, others offer to redraft it and there are also those who urge to disown it altogether.


The relationship between state and religion, the place of Jews in the middle east, the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, the Mizrachi-Ashkenazi tensions, social and financial ideology – all of these questions and issues were only partly answers in the declaration of independence or not tackled at all. Over the years even the obscure words of the declaration were forgotten and left behind. Does the state of Israel fulfill the goals that it defined for itself in this substantial text? And did we indeed have a natural right, as claimed in the declaration, to establish a state on this land?


Through intimate interviews with the grandchildren on the people who drafted the declaration in the hall in which it was signed, and footage of guided tours of that same room, Natural Right will explore the Israeli narrative of history and debate the core-questions that Israeli society has yet to face and answer, seventy years after it first tried

to do so.



Release year 2018
Runtime 42 min

Aspect ratio 16:9

Sound Stereo

Color Color

Stage of production Post Production




Director Yulie Cohen
Producers Udi Nir, Sagi Bornstein

Director Of Photography Eitan Hatuka

© 2017 udiVsagi productiom

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udiVsagi production is a Tel-Aviv-Jaffa based documentary film production company, run by filmmaker duo Udi Nir and Sagi Bornstein. Their work includes GOLDA (2019), #uploading_holocaust (2016), and Kafka's Last Story (2011).